Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2011

 Gul Ahmed Collection Gul ahmed is plyaing a role not only for a fashion industry but also introduce the new fashion trends in Pakistan.Gul ahmed is the one of the most experienced  and in the most fashionable as well as good quality of fabrics.
Gul ahmed includes all types of collection especially for summer collection of girls 2011.

Nishat New Lawn Summer Spring 2011

Nishat New Lawn Collection Nishat new lawn has been designed by Pakistani fashion designer Maheen Khan .
Pakistan textile industry is producing high quality of fabrics in beautiful designs and in beautiful colours,this collection speaks a soft language of "Satin" fabrics by nishat.


Women's Biker Fashion Trend

 Biker Fashion Trend can you just imagine about military trend jacket,not possible .in the same way motorcycle jacket is statement piece for motorcycle/biker fashion trend.
It goes the only overused the simple black colour infact many of colour are suited.

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn was born on 18th of july 1986 in Miami,Florida.she is an american fashion model,when she was at the age of 14th she started her modeling career and being a professional scout in her hometown.Renn has a diet & excersice habit .
Renn authored a book Hungry and A young model story of Appetite Renn married her long time boyfrend on july 30,2007 Church in Manhattan.in mid 2009 Renn resides in New York.

Shoes Trends Fall 2010/2011

Shoes trends Fur Boots winter is cold so fur boots are commanly used in this season in the majority of contries .
same like the laced up boots and really the popular and fall in the winter season 2010,2011,in this many shoes are included just like Siletto shoes,Wedges,Thigh-high boots,Gucci and many many more.

Elena Marie Satine

 Elina Marie Satine was born on 24th of november 1987.she is a good singer and an american actress.Elena Marie Satine began her professional carrer at the age of 6 and at the age of 9 ,she was winner of international awards ,Satina became a youngest performer of headline international film festival ,after that when she reached in the age of 16 she recieved diploma in specialist in acting at Moscow Art Theatre school which is located in Russia.
now as well as she doing several international fellowship in London ,England.

Mettallic Accessories

Many of your favorite shoes,bags-Mettalic is here.Mettallic is huge this fall on the other hand,hand bags and other fashion accessories just like bracelets which are included in it.now mettallic is  now neutral brown & white instaed of black.


Radar Beach Totes

Beach Totes July is coming to close so sun hates of this summer ,but i'm still hunt of beach totes while the designers are compact towards in recent season so totes beach are montauk in this weekend.

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir lodhi was born to Roshan Ali Gohar, Taj lodhi in karachi .
He is the brother of one sister and two brothers .Amir lodhi,Tahir lodhi  & 
Dr.Shaista Wahidi  .he started learning at Pakistan Navy boys school and he recieved masters in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech of the university of Montana .and now onwards,he is a pakistani actor and a famous show host .The Sahir Show,he is also the one of the host of pakistan  radio station 103.one of the most popular show of Sahir is The Sahir lodhi show and Morning masala.



Ring  is a type of jewellery which is a very beautiful decorated ornament which rounds on Fingers , Toes  or  around arm or neck.
some of the rings are as following.

White ring with black daimond.
Rose garden ring.
3 Stack jagged ring.
Heart shape,yellow gold and Daimond ring

Celvin Klein

Celvin Klein Becoming most popular comapany in the world.
it includes ladies and gents wear just like underwears ,wrest watches ,jeans , perfumes and many more.


Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed feels shy in facing the camera but even then, she always manages to give stunning Fashion shoots and enhance the beauty of the magazine page. Sanam Saeed also looks confident while walking on the ramp, and represents the designed work of the Fashion designers in a true sense.  Versatile lady, Sanam  also loves singing additionally...!

Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn :was born  in faisalabad he started clothes for his family in a very young age .he got into fashion because of his mother who was very pious and a noble lady waho has a small house .
after doing 0/A level from Beacon House the school system from faisalabad .after that he  was enrolled at Beacon house national university as a student of textile designing
Fahad Hussayn is now safly designers who has promise for his future of our industry.

Shaista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi born in 26 of november 1971 .she was a Pakistani television presenter and the host of famous show of  Good Morning Pakistan .after that in the end of september she joined Geo tv .
Shaista Wahidi is the only sister of three  brothers .which are Amir lodhi , Tahir lodhi , Sahir lodhi.
Sahir is also a big famous tv presenter show in pakistan .
(How ever due to personal reasons of Shaista Wahidi's husband lives in dubai and the shows goen on in Dubai).
she lefted the ARY tv channel shows and went to Geo Television & replace Nadia Khan as she was the morning shhow host .
Shaista Wahidi was the ARY one world Pakistan.

Latest Maxi Trend in Pakistan.

Maxi Trend in Pakistan is really in vogue these days.Long following dress looks really trends in Pakistan are frocks and etc.
which looks like exitable in summer.some of these maxi dresses go from shoulder to till toe and without giving up your body yet and look much modernized .
Maxi-dresses have many ways to experiment .you can set it up sleeves or long sleeved.there dresses are not designed by maxi but also the lawn fabrics and silk fabrics .as the long dresses
 suited on every one's according to their body .petite body looks taller by adding pair of heels under your maxi dresses and thinner figure looks voluminous and dazzling.So ladies while upgrading your wardrobe don’t forget the Long Maxi Dresses. They are a must have!