Summer Makeup Trend

Summer makeup trend Summer times is always the time for different makeup routine with light styles.as you know summer is typical for the hot and humid weather,so it;s necessary to prevent your makeup from dripping of your skin and the excess oil.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal best hair accessories  Wedding hair accessories are the finishing touch for your bridal'do and the next most important thing to choose after your wedding dress...

Pencil Drawing

 Pencil Drawing well,one of thing i'hv always like in art and drawing,i can show you a drawing i found  in Google and that uses perspective very well,and at the same time is kind of cool..

Face Painting

Face Painting  Face painting is very common among people like to take different pictures,on their faces,the painting is done with respect to different occasions.this is a great skill,is more popular among children,face paintings charms and colours for kids parties ,A Halloween party,sporting event,birthday parties,or just is particularly attractive and happy with the face painting.  

Fashion Photography

 Fashion photography is a great photography devoted to displaying clothes and other fashion items,fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines,such as vogue,vanity fair or Elle,over time fashion photography has developed its own  aesthetic in which the clothes and fashion are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories...