Justin Bieber

 Justin Bieber was born on 1st march 1994,Justin is a Canadian pop singer ,song writer and actor too.Justin was discovered in 2008 by scooter Braun who happened to come across Bieber videos on youtube and later become his manager,Braun arranged for him to meet with superstar Usher in Atlanta ,Georgia and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group,a joint venture between Braun and Usher and then to a recording contract with Ireland recorders offered by L.A Reid,his debut single,one time released in worldwide in 2009,peaked in top ten in Canada  and charted in the top thirsty in several international markets.

Stone Jewellery

 Stone jewellery for 2011 The fashion of wearing stone jewellery is becoming very popular among women.  These gems and stone jewellery are  worn for fashion purposes.The fashion trend of wearing stone jewellery is taken as a status of a person in the society and is counted as the wealth of women.

Diamond Jewellery

 Beautiful fashionable diamond jewellery of 2011  Diamond jewellery is very expensive and very demandable,diamond jewellery is very trendy not only in Pakistan but over the whole world.

Germs Jewellery

 Latest fashionable Germs jewellery of 2011 in Pakistan.

Glass Jewellery

 Latest trend of glass jewellery Glass jewellery is made up of glass which is very popular in fashion,many of Pakistani and the foreign countries people use the glass jewellery .

Pearl Jewellery

Latest pearl jewellery of 2011 in Pakistan. 

Metal Jewellery

 Latest trend of Metal jewellery of 2010/2011.

Cool Men's Hair styles Of 2011

                Latest hair styles for men of 2011.

Latest Hair Styles For Women 2011

 Hair style for women 2011 Every woman wants to look fashionable and stylish. Especially in the summer.So many fashion shows highlighted not only the fashionable clothes, but also fashionable hairstyles. This year's very fashionable at the various weaving hair. This is understandable, as these hairstyles are suitable.