Radar Beach Totes

Beach Totes July is coming to close so sun hates of this summer ,but i'm still hunt of beach totes while the designers are compact towards in recent season so totes beach are montauk in this weekend.

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir lodhi was born to Roshan Ali Gohar, Taj lodhi in karachi .
He is the brother of one sister and two brothers .Amir lodhi,Tahir lodhi  & 
Dr.Shaista Wahidi  .he started learning at Pakistan Navy boys school and he recieved masters in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech of the university of Montana .and now onwards,he is a pakistani actor and a famous show host .The Sahir Show,he is also the one of the host of pakistan  radio station 103.one of the most popular show of Sahir is The Sahir lodhi show and Morning masala.